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Aerotel Medical Systems

Aerotel provides complete solutions for telemedicine, telehealth and ECG remote monitoring applications. Our patient monitoring systems consist of medical call center software […]

Alango – Wear & Hear

Alango, a leading supplier of voice and audio enhancement technologies for the communication and entertainment markets for over 15 years, has recently […]


AlephBot improves treatment efficiency, saves lives and reduces costs by providing the medical team with AI-driven real-time, relevant information, during the medical […]

ATLASense Biomed

In order to early detect deterioration and life-threatening events, to save lives and costs, the elderly and chronically ill patients need to […]


Augmedics develops the xvision system (XVS): An Augmented Reality Surgical Navigation System. With XVS, surgeons can see and navigate inside a patient’s […]


BioBeat develops a cutting edge solution for continuous non-invasive accurate medical-grade monitoring of vital signs and other clinically relevant parameters. Biobeat’s wearable […]

Blossom K.C.

Blossom is a “pain pill” for medical centers. It is a smart, cross-platform, and user friendly system, that through real-time data visualization, […]


Bo&Bo Ltd. develops and commercializes the boboPRO system – a revolutionary training board that converts traditional balance devices into interactive training platforms. […]


BreezoMeter, the world’s leader in location-based, real-time air quality and pollen data, covers more than 5.5 billion people worldwide in more than […]


BSP Medical provides Early Digital Heart Disease Detection. We developed HyperQ, a proprietary and patented technology that detects stress induced and acute […]


CardiacSense is developing medical wearables for continuous, long-term, comfortable, robust and accurate monitoring of physiological vital signs Devices are based on unique […]


CardioScale Ltd. Is an Israeli Med-Tech startup focusing on early detection of cardiovascular hemodynamic deterioration. Winner of the 2018 U.S Department of […]


DayTwo is the leading Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine company, developing personalized nutrition, diagnostic, and therapeutic solutions using artificial intelligence and machine learning. DayTwo […]


DosentRx® enables every patient to achieve the maximal outcome from medication treatment. DosentRx safely tracks patient drug from the pharmacy; dispenses it […]

EchoCare Technologies

EchoCare develops a non-wearable/non-intrusive, elderly-care, home monitoring system that automatically detects and alerts on emergency and abnormal situations at home. The ECHO […]

Elad Health

Elad Health is a leading developer of the Chameleon Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Chameleon provides holistic horizontal view of hospitalization processes including […]


The EyeControl is the first AI wearable, simple to use, screen less medical device which enables Locked-in patients to communicate anytime, anywhere. […]


GaitBetter promotes healthy aging by reducing falls risk and improving mobility through motor-cognitive training solution using virtual reality add-on to treadmills. Our […]


HealthWatch’s Master Caution® patented platform technology is the first and only 12-lead ECG smart digital garment that is CE/FDA/AMAR-cleared. When integrated as […]


HeraMED is a technology startup developing a lineup of innovative connected pregnancy monitoring solutions for home use. Our first medically accurate, scientifically […]

Ibex Medical Analytics

Ibex Medical Analytics is developing AI-driven algorithms in pathology, bringing a new promise to the fight against cancer, with a tremendous upside […]

IMedis AI

IMedis is a medical artificial intelligence startup, that is developing a proprietary and patent pending platform for surfacing patients with undetected findings […]


InnoSphere is a medical device company, developing brain stimulation treatments for cognitive disorders, focusing on ADHD. With its patented technologies, and in […]

Inovytec Medical Solution

Invoytec products project 21st century critical aid technology that enables you to provide faster, friendlier, and more effective treatment at the out […]


Irody is a clinical productivity and outcomes enhancement technology company. The company focuses on developing products, services and data systems for providers, […]


Koalys is the first web platform for hearing care. Koalys offers innovative and digital solutions to treat hearing impairment from the first […]

LogiTag Medical Solutions

LogiTag `s comprehensive ecosystem is the only solution ensuring full consignment stock management and accurate charge capture. Using IoT, OCR & Image […]


Lumen is a device and app that measures your metabolism through the breath. Each day, you will receive a daily personalized meal […]


Medlife advance medical solution Is a veteran company with a lot of experience in marketing solutions to the medical market in Israel. […]


MilagroAI is a real-time contextual driven AI platform with out of the box solutions for hospital-wide surveillance and early detection for hospital-acquired […]

NE-Field Diagnostics

The A-Spire, an innovative device and technology for pulmonary function testing and monitoring. Our hand-held device connected to your smartphone enables an […]


We help pathologists around the world to deal with the increasing workload that they experience, by providing more effective AI-based analysis tools […]


The NUTRICCO platform improves peoples’ lives by keeping patients on track with their medications and nutraceuticals, providing peace of mind for them […]


Oxitone is a medical device and digital health company in initial revenue stage. We are pioneering a #DigitalContinuousCare model by introducing the […]

Pink Of View

Pink Of View is developing a personalized predictive indicator for risk management of breast cancer, driven by AI & Machine Learning Our […]

Sensible Medical Innovations

Sivan Innovation

SIVAN Innovation is an Israeli e-health R&D company committed to improving the lives of patients worldwide in response to public health issues […]

Surgical Theater

Surgical Theater, the market leader in virtual and augmented reality-based healthcare services, is the first to combine cutting-edge fighter jet flight simulation […]

Syqe Medical

Syqe Medical is a pharma-tech company developing technologies that allow delivery of accurate doses of molecules directly from plants. The company applies […]


Taliaz is revolutionizing the way psychiatric disorders are treated today, by means of breakthrough science and advanced AI technologies

Telesofia Medical

Telesofia makes medical information clear to increase patient satisfaction, understanding and retention. The award-winning, proprietary platform allows automatic generation of personalized educational […]

Tyto Care

Tyto Care is transforming primary care by putting health in the hands of consumers. The company seamlessly connects people to clinicians to […]

Uniper Care Technologies

Uniper-Care Technologies is at digital health & wellness social network for older adults. With a product and service aiming to improve behavioral, […]


Based on its clinically proven remote physical rehabilitation platform, VideoTherapyTM is bringing physical therapy sessions to patients’ homes. Patients can take their […]


VITALERTER enables early detection of patient deterioration and nursing staff to intervene quickly, thereby improving patient care, shortening hospital stays, and reducing […]


VRHealth develops medical & therapeutic applications in Virtual Reality providing immersive user experience and extensive data analytics for a variety of use […]

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